Sunday, 25 November 2012

Reading - What a Blast

The reading at McNally Robinson went without any flaws that I'm aware of. Granted, I don't remember much of it as a serious case of the nerves kept my brain more or less frozen throughout, but Amber said that I did okay.

This is me with my good friend, Bob Jaques, who was kind enough to show up for the occasion with his wife, Bonnie. Bob and I go way back, to our days working in Romania together, back in the early '90's. Construction workers are forever saying goodbye to one another (if they're lucky enough to get the chance) but Bob and I manage to keep in touch. 

Here's me giving my reading. LWWG president, Debra Dusome (far left, facing the camera) is grinning, so I imagine that this is one of the times that I heard the audience sniggering at one of the risqué funny bits...which was quite a relief!

Not a huge crowd, but it felt like a sold out stadium!

 These are the assembled writers who gave readings. Front row (left to right): Jeanne Gougeon, Doreen Millichamp and Debra Dusome. Back row: Elizabeth McGill, yours truly, Maurice Guimond, and Helma RogueRaiders.
This fine young man is my nephew, Tim Morrison. One of the coolest guys you'd ever want to meet. I think he takes after me, a little. You can just see his mom (my sister, Betty) in the background on the right (she's also very cool, but I still say Tim takes after me [just joking Betty]!)

And finally, here's your humble obedient, looking totally exhausted after the tension has drained out of my boots.

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