Saturday, 20 February 2016

Take a Canadian and a Mucky Pup

In case you're wondering, I'm the Canadian.

I've seldom enjoyed an interview more, so I'd advise you check it out - me in the spotlight with my good friend and author, Teresa Geering (btw, she's the mucky pup [don't blame me, she chose it herself!])

And I'll include my author photo, just so that I can share this on Pinterest.

Downunder - A Review - "Charlie Smithers Takes On the Aussie Outback and Lives to Tell the Tale"

I think it's only natural that, once having written a story about a far off land, some anxiety sets in with regard as to how well it will be received there. By and large, I've found that Australians are fiercely proud of their country, and when you consider that pride, it occurred to me that it took considerable cheek on my part to even attempt such a story as Downunder. I suffered no illusions that if I got it wrong, the Aussies would tear it to shreds, and rightly so. Kay Podboj is a friend who lives in New South Wales, and I'm happy to say that she's still a friend after having read the book. Cheers Kay, you went a long way toward putting my mind at ease.

Format:Kindle Edition
After battling the high seas and villainous pirates, Charlie Smithers lands down under with a splash and surfaced to have a bloody good, fair dinkum Aussie adventure. Saved from certain death by the mysterious and charming Mattie they head off on a perilous and often dangerous trek through the Aussie desert, eventually meeting up with a group of aborigines, Charlie endears himself to the natives, learns about dream time and embarks on some pretty special dreaming himself. There was many a time I thought poor Charlie was a goner but true to form Charlie came through to adventure another day. This book has it all and portrays the Aussie outback and the Aussie larrikin way of life perfectly, strewth! I even shed a tear or two as I neared the end.
This is a must read for anyone who loves their adventures to be wildly entertaining.
Onya Chuck. 
You can purchase your own copy of "Charlie Smithers: Adventures Downunder" here.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Josiah Stubb in Canada

Josiah's ranking in Canada. Well done, that man!

  #6,023 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

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Adventures in India - A Review - "Cracking Read"

I've had several people come up to me and voice their opinion of which is the best book in the series - some vote for one book while others opt for another. I enjoy this a lot, because there aren't any opinions that are right or wrong - it's all highly subjective - but I do get to hear what it is that grabbed them, and I'm here to tell you that that's pretty cool! So thank you G Kirkup!

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Loved this book - better than the second book. Can't wait for the next Charlie Smothers adventure. Recommended.
You can purchase your own copy of "Charlie Smithers: Adventures Downunder" here.

Charlie Smithers: Adventures Downunder -A Review - "Charlie Shows Up Down Under"

Thanks very much Deborah.

PS: I could tell you where the next Charlie Smithers will take place, but I would have to kidnap you and keep you manacled in my dungeon for the next year or two. It's a secret, you see...

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I have read and enjoyed the first two books in the Charlie Smithers series and have been looking forward to this one that takes place in the wilds of Australia. These are great characters and the story includes history, adventure, and humor so it is exactly what I needed. I wonder where Charlie will end up next?

You can purchase your own copy of "Charlie Smithers: Adventures Downunder" here.

Charlie Smithers: Adventures in India - A Review - "Great Recreational Reading!"

While of course I'm gratified that PK enjoyed "Adventures in India," I'm otherwise not quite sure what to make of this one. I wonder if he/she is aware of the difference in spelling between Canada/UK and the US? While I'm not 100% certain that there are no errors at all, I'll eat my hat if they approach anywhere close to 'numerous.' As for many of the place names, I suspect that he/she didn't read the Foreward. Still, it's grand knowing that the book was enjoyed, so cheers!

on December 21, 2015
This is the second Lovatt book for me and I enjoy his work. The editing needs quite a bit of help, though, as there are numerous spelling and grammatical errors in both this volume and the previous one. The characters are well-developed and described, and the plot has enough twists and turns to keep you turning the pages. Lovatt has done his historical and geographical research quite well; there are very few historical inconsistencies or omissions, but in some cases, place names are incorrect. I recommend these easy to read e-books to anyone looking for a fun and educational read.
You can purchase your own copy of "Charlie Smithers: Adventures in India" here.

The Adventures of Charlie Smithers - A Review - "A Rip Roaring Period Adventure"

Found this a few days ago for "The Adventures of Charlie Smithers" - the first book in the Charlie Smithers collection. Cheers Splossy.

on 7 February 2016
I really enjoyed this little adventure. Definitely has hints of Flashman in terms of historical interest, the lingo of the era and some non-PC thinking likely to have been in play at the time. The main difference is that Smithers has redeeming features like bravery and kindness which Flashman tends not to. Forgetting Flashman comparisons and you're left with a very entertaining period adventure and I certainly want to read more.
You can purchase your ow copy of "The Adventures of Charlie Smithers" here.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Downunder - A Review - "I Can't Wait Until the Next Adventure"

Thanks very much, Genette!

on February 1, 2016
Once again C. W. has delivered a must read. We join Charlie and Lord Brampton aboard a ship being taken over by pirates. Poor Charlie gets shot more by the lord then anyone else. From pirates, sharks and the lord Charlie survives to meet the intriguing Mattie, to begin his adventure in Australia. Mr. Lovatt delivers the history and hardships of Australians surviving down under. I can't wait until the next adventure. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a fast paced action with a bit of humor and romance to make it even better.

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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Adventures of Charlie Smithers - A Review - "This book made me eager for the next episode of Charlie Smithers"

Thant's what I like to hear. Thanks Bee.

on January 22, 2016
This book by CW Lovatt is a true masterpiece! Following Charlie Smithers as he braves the Massai warriors after being seperated from Lord Brampton, a bumbling idiot and poor shot to boot, but manages to find the love of his life in the beautiful Loyian. Their love is beautiful and they have a child. For once Charlie feels his life is complete. Until the day it is lost forever.

A truly wonderful book that makes it difficult to put down and has you laughing, gasping and crying.

If you want a fantastic book to read "The Adventures of Charlie Smithers" won't steer you wrong.
 You can purchase your own copy of The Adventures of Charlie Smithers here.