Friday, 21 September 2018

I'm Somewhat Eclectic

Throughout my writing career my stories refuse to be pigeonholed into a certain genre. For example, these novellas are my last two releases. I think it all depends on how I wake up in the morning.
The Little Mouse:
 #1 Bestseller!

"From the creator of Charlie Smithers comes an endearing story, reminiscent of fairy tale classics of yesteryear. Filled with enchantment and meaning, this charming tale appeals to young and old alike, portraying how even the least among us can change the world."
Never Taken Road:
 The earth has been stricken by the Super Plague, eradicating humanity from the face of the planet … all except for one man, and one woman. In a now primitive world, will they be able to save our species from extinction? Should they?

Sunday, 9 September 2018

My Links

Follow the link to where you'll find all my titles with more links to every site that I could find where they are sold. I've spent a fair amount of time compiling this list so be sure to check it out.