Saturday, 26 March 2016

"And Then It Rained" - Blurb

My latest, "And Then It Rained," coming out April 15th, available for pre-order now!

Rain, that natural wonder, so natural, in fact that often it comes and goes scarcely noticed. However, metaphorical or otherwise, there are times when rain brings with it great change, causing the breath-taking beauty of rainbows or the cataclysmic destruction of floods, with equal indifference. This collection - an eclectic mix of humour, drama, and fantasy - is about those uncertain times. Dark clouds are forming, so you had better be prepared for the coming storm…

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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Surprise! "And Then It Rained" Now Available For Pre-Order

I was saving this as a surprise because, yes, I'm just that sneaky. Something slightly different from me this year, now available for pre-order. Release date April 15th.

Ed Wolf
24 March at 06:25

From the best-selling author of the Charlie Smithers books, a collection of award-winning short stories available to pre-order now. Released 15th April.
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Friday, 18 March 2016

Downunder - Two Very Nice Reviews

Thank you Beth E, and Cutawayguy.

on March 14, 2016
I am sampling a few of the faux history books that follow in the footsteps of the original Flashman series. This particular book usesbutler-Man Friday Charlie Smithers as the self-depricating hero who, without any claims to proficiency in anything seems to MacGiver himself out of anything that gets thrown in his way.. I like the technique of pulling real historic characters into a narrative held together by Smithers. it does give a chance to hypothetically see these pieces of history in a story context. Interesting enough for those who like more action adventure than history, so a bit more fun to read.
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on March 14, 2016
Charlie Smithers was all new to me and quickly became a favourite. The story was easy to follow with no holes even though I haven’t read either of the previous books.
All the characters were believable and engaging. I especially loved Mattie and the adventures she takes Charlie on. A fun romp through historical Australia that will keep you riveted and amused from start to finish. I look forward to going back to the earlier works and learning more about Charlie.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

"The Adventures of Charlie Smithers" Currently Only 99 Cents!!

Don't forget folks, "The Adventures of Charlie Smithers" is currently only 99 cents at Amazon.

 Ed Wolf
After the renewed success of Charlie Smithers in the Smashwords promotion we have dropped the price of the first book to 99p on Amazon.

 Wild Wolf Publishing
7 hrs ·
The best-selling Adventures of Charlie Smithers is currently only 99p for the ebook edition. Described as funny, engaging, rewarding and truly epic.

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Monday, 14 March 2016

Dellani's Tea Time

Had a great time, as usual, as a guest on Dellani Oakes' podcast, along with fellow guests Suzette Vaughn, and Kristin Holt, and not to forget Christina Giguere in the background, making sure that everything ran smoothly.
 I was heavily outnumbered, but don't worry, fellas, I didn't let the side down.

Podcast With Dellani Oakes Today!

Hello out there in Blogland! Don't forget to tune in to Blog Talk Radio today at 4:00 PM EDT, when Suzette Vaughn, Kristin Holt and myself will be guests on Dellani's show! I'm really looking forward to it. Should be loads of fun!

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Josiah Stubb - A Review - "This Is An Outstanding Novel That Deserves Many, Many Readers"

Josiah Stubb is a controversial book, no question. It was meant to be, and that has been reflected in the reviews it's received. Therefore it's doubly welcome when I see a review by a reader who gets it. Not all of them do.
Thanks very much, Stephen, this was most welcome.

on March 7, 2016
In this novel historical facts abound, all well-researched and interesting. The same must be said about military procedures, practice and paraphernalia. I realise that this is what some readers seek first and foremost in historical fiction. For me, however, the greatest interest in this book lies in the relationships and psychological functioning of the characters, as well as the moral issues they encounter. This narrative embeds all of that in the circumstances of a past era, but they are basically timeless.

The search for one’s unique identity involves disentangling the tentacles of falsity, fear and coercion in whose grip one is born. This is a lifetime’s battle, and it demands of the warrior courage, faith and honesty. And even then we might find the goal is not completely won before death. Such is the task of very likeable warrior Josiah Stubbs, a finely etched character who narrates his own story in C.W. Lovatt’s novel. His war must be fought both on the military battleground and in private life.

There are plenty of other very interesting and diverse secondary characters who come alive with their own stories. The author manages them superbly with his understanding of people, fine grasp of the written word and narrative craft.

I had moments of tears on the way through this story: Josiah’s path through a very difficult world is heart-breaking at times. Yet there were other moments of joy when I was inspired with hope for him and humankind. It’s a very gritty tale, leavened with dollops of real love and goodness. The grittiness—violence, sexual compulsion, ruthless wielding of power and other unpleasant behaviour of the human species—needs frank but skilled handling by an author if it is to be accepted by the reader. For me, Mr Lovatt has proved himself able to manage this aspect very well indeed.

By contrast with that appalling background, goodness and the possibility of betterment shine through all the brighter. And that is what I was left with at the end.

This is an outstanding novel that deserves many, many readers.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

March 14th Podcast With Dellani Oakes

Who's up for listening to the dulcet tones of my voice, and gathering the reams of sage wisdom tumbling forth, thereof? All of you?? How deeply flattering! In that case, tune in next Monday, March 14th, at 4:00 PM Eastern (or 3:00 CST etc) as Suzette Vaughn, Kristin Holt, and your humble obedient servant are guests on Dellani Oakes podcast. Should be tons of fun - I've spent the last week rehearsing my reading from my latest book in the Charlie Smithers Collection, "Adventures Downunder."

Sunday, 6 March 2016

My Re-Cap Interview With the Wonderful Fiona Mcvie

I'm not sure how many authors Fiona Mcvie has interviewed, but it's A LOT! With that in mind, you can imagine my reaction when she got in touch with me, saying that it had been three years since she'd interviewed me (99% sure that it was my first interview ever, and therefore has earned a special place in my heart) and would I be interested in doing a re-cap of my career? First off, I was floored that three years had gone by so quickly - this is not a good thing at my age what, with so many roses to stop and smell, and so forth. Secondly, how could I say no? Indeed, why on earth would I? So of course I said yes.

Thank you, Fiona, it is indeed an honour.

Smashwords' Read An eBook Week Promotion - Last Day!!

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I would like to add that, even though they are free, taking a few minutes to write and post an honest review would be much appreciated; it makes all the difference in the world.

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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Adventures Downunder - A Review - "First Rate Escapism"

Cheers Reggie!

on March 3, 2016
Having read the first two in the series, I knew what I wanted with part three, and I wasn't disappointed. Charlie is as charismatic as ever, dutiful, honest and chivalrous, and the characters he mixes with interesting, flawed and all very human. I think this is possibly the best of the three up to now, though all of them were entertaining in their own right.
Charlie's antipodean exploits are first rate escapism and I highly recommend the book to anyone who needs a bit of Down Under entertainment.