Sunday, 6 March 2016

My Re-Cap Interview With the Wonderful Fiona Mcvie

I'm not sure how many authors Fiona Mcvie has interviewed, but it's A LOT! With that in mind, you can imagine my reaction when she got in touch with me, saying that it had been three years since she'd interviewed me (99% sure that it was my first interview ever, and therefore has earned a special place in my heart) and would I be interested in doing a re-cap of my career? First off, I was floored that three years had gone by so quickly - this is not a good thing at my age what, with so many roses to stop and smell, and so forth. Secondly, how could I say no? Indeed, why on earth would I? So of course I said yes.

Thank you, Fiona, it is indeed an honour.

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