Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Word According to Alec James Hawkes

I just want to point out that Alec and I became friends after he had read Charlie Smithers, not before. In fact, it was because of my book that we met in the first place: he, having read it, introduced himself, and ever since has been unflagging in his efforts to promote what we both think is a damn fine read.

Thanks Alec, chums like you just don't come along every day.

Btw, Alec's no slouch as a writer himself. His books on political satire are second to none.

"Still the best book I have ever read! Check it out if you like brilliantly written historical fiction with a beautiful love story and swashbuckling adventure!"
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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Reading at B.U. - Most Excellent!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday's visit to Brandon University. I had a most excellent time! A big shout out to Dale Lakevold for inviting me into his class, Amber Clark from the university book store (Campus Books) for bringing along copies of "Voices" and "The Adventures of Charlie Smithers", and finally to the students themselves. They're an absolutely great bunch of people.
The reading safely over (a full half hour, reading "And Then It Rained" and "Freedom's Wings"), here's me going on about something, with Dale waiting patiently in the background. We were about to take a break...which never quite materialized! I was having that good a time!

Here Dale holds the floor while I sign his brand new copy of "The Adventures of Charlie Smithers".

Finally here's me with Dale and the entire class. Thank you all once again!

Monday, 18 November 2013

University Bound!

I've been sitting on this for quite a while now, just waiting for it to be confirmed. Well, my friends, you need wait no longer. On the 25th of this month, I've been invited to give a reading at our local university! That's quite a thrill and an honour for me; I've never set foot in a university before in my life!

Just me, and a class filled with corruptible young minds. What could possibly be more perfect!!

Stay tuned, pictures to follow.

My Interview With Fiona Mcvie

This is something new. Check out my interview with Fiona Mcvie:

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Charlie Smithers' Anniversary - Thank You, Wild Wolf!!

Today (+ 1) marks the anniversary when the publishing house, Wild Wolf, decided to take a chance on this C W Lovatt fellow, and published his novel, "The Adventures of Charlie Smithers". Since then Charlie's gone on to appear on Amazon's best sellers list in three countries.

I just want to say a warm 'thank you' to Rod, Ed and all of the other wonderful folks at Wild Wolf for taking that chance, and for inviting me into the Wild Wolf family, not to mention an entire new world.

 Cheers guys, it's been a blast!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

My Links for November

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