Monday, 29 December 2014

Josiah Stubb Wins Silver in the 2014 AUTHORSdb Book Contest

Thank you to all who voted for Josiah Stubb in the 2014 AUTHORSdb Book Cover Contest. It's quite an honour.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

FINAL ROUND!!! - Josiah Stubb - 21014 AUTHORSdb Book Cover Contest

Please vote for this magnificent cover by artist, Peter Fussey, for the final round of the AUTHORSdb Book Cover Contest. Follow the link, sign in (anyone can vote,) write a word or two about the cover, and click on the stars (fifth ones, please) of the categories of their rating system. There, you're done.
Thank you!

AUTHORSdb Book Cover Contest - Final Round!!!

Aileen Aroma has done a wonderful job of promoting her authors, as seven - count'em seven! - have made it to the final round of the 2014 AUTHORSdb Book Cover contest in their separate  categories.
Voting ends on the 21st!!

"Please Vote for ALL 7 AUTHORS!
They made it to the Finals in the 2014 Cover Contest!
Now let's go get them the win!!!
You do need to sign in, in order to place your vote.
Once signed in give EACH AUTHOR A LIKE, A TWEET and then
They will ask you to leave a short comment and then rate on Overall Impression, Artistic Impression, Relation to the Genre, Is the Design worth a Thousand Words and Title & Author Name (Please click on ALL 5's)
Then click submit!
Tag your friends and share this post to help them win!
Thank you for your continuous support"
1. Dennis Higgins
2. Scott Eder
3.C.W. Lovatt
4. Stephanie Osborn…/16512-a-case-of-spontaneous-combusti…
5. Brae Wyckoff
6. Aaron Paul Lazar
7. AR Von

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Josiah Stubb - AUTHORSdb - Coming Up Next Week

Just a heads up to let you know that Josiah Stubb has made the cut for the final round of the AUTHORSdb Book Cover Contest. Voting begins Sunday the 14th, and ends the following week, on the 21st, so you can expect to receive a link and a harangue from me asking/begging/pleading for your support.

I thank you...

Josiah Stubb: The Siege of Louisbourg

From the best-selling author of The Adventures of Charlie Smithers.

"C.W. Lovatt possesses incredible talent, and it is my unreserved opinion that Josiah Stubb: The Siege of Louisbourg deserves a prominent place on any history buff's bookshelf." ~ The Winnipeg Review

"Fans of C. S. Forster's Horatio Hornblower and Bernard Cornwell's Richard Sharpe will love it!"

It is 1758 and The Seven Years War is raging. The military might of the British and French empires collide in a desperate bid to control the key strategic Fortress of Louisbourg and, in turn, Quebec and French-held North America.

One man caught amidst the bloodshed is the young grenadier, Josiah Stubb. Raised by a whore amidst poverty and incest, Josiah seemed doomed from birth to a life in the gutter. His attempt to leave his sordid past behind leads him to Louisbourg, but it comes back to haunt him in the form of a gifted officer, battling his own inner demons.

As the siege blazes towards its inevitable bloody climax, will Josiah live to overcome the formidable obstacles that keep him chained to his past, or will his aspirations for a better life die with him on the brooding shores of Ile Royale?

The Adventures of Charlie Smithers

Harry Flashman, step aside, old son. Make way for Charlie Smithers.

The time is the nineteenth century. The place, the Serengeti Plain, where one Charlie Smithers – faithful manservant to the arrogant bone-head, Lord Brampton (with five lines in Debrett, and a hopeless shot to boot) – becomes separated from his master during an unfortunate episode with an angry rhinoceros, thereby launching Charlie on an odyssey into Deepest Darkest Africa, and subsequently into the arms of the beautiful Loiyan…and that’s where the trouble really begins.

Maasai warriors, xenophobic locals, or evil Arab slavers, the two forbidden lovers encounter everything that the unforgiving jungle can throw at them.

"A truly engaging read that will keep anyone’s attention from the hilarious beginning until the last word. I highly recommend this 5 star novel." ~ Chapters & Chats