Wednesday, 23 January 2013

"Baggage" Confirmed...Again

This was the email I received from the US online magazine, HelloHorror, this morning with regard to my short-short (or 'micro') story, "Baggage":

Great micro, bad breakup!  I think our readers will agree.   We'll be including "Baggage"  in our second issue.   Thanks for the submission!
Brent Armour
Editor in Chief
Later, after I had voiced my concern mentioned in my earlier post, about it having been previously published, I received this from Brent:

Your submission came prior to our changes in guidelines so in my opinion you followed guidelines and your work will be published.   We're thinking about adding the word 'electronically' to that rule anyway.   Sorry for the mixup.   We're growing faster than our britches (or however the saying goes...)"

So it looks like my short little story, which wasn't much more than a happy accident in the first place (see my earlier post "A Prelude to "Baggage" - 30/04/2012) is going great guns. Some of you may recall that it was previously published in the 2012 Spring issue of the LWWG's literary journal, "Voices", and was my first story ever to be published in my home province of Manitoba. This time it will be my first publication in the US.


Three stories in January, so far, and the month's not over.

"Baggage" - Second Time Published...Maybe?

I've just received an email from - a US online magazine - informing me that my short-short story "Baggage" has been accepted for their second issue, coming out in the end of April of this year.

 There might be a problem, though.

When I had submitted "Baggage" it was based on information garnered under this link, more, which makes no mention about material having been previously published, but I noticed this morning, on their website, that it does. Consequently I apprised them of the situation and await their reply.

 It would be sweet if they decide to go ahead, as this would be the first time my work will appear in a US magazine. Sort of a breakthrough, I guess (and those are always exciting), but as much as I want that, I don't want it to be under false pretences.

Stay tuned...

Friday, 18 January 2013


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Call For Reviews

If any of you have read The Adventures of Charlie Smithers and would be willing to post a few words on the Review section on his Amazon page, I'd be grateful. If any of you have read Charlie and actually liked it that would be even better! Don't forget to click on the "Like" icon while you're there! My publisher tells me that it's a great help in promoting sales. Come along now, don't be shy...

Don't forget, those of you without Kindles there's a free app.
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Also, if you're a Prime Member at Amazon, you can go to and they'll lend you a free copy.

"Incomplete" Confirmed

"Incomplete", the last of four stories I'd submitted to LWWG's journal,'Voices', last year, has now been confirmed, possibly for the Spring issue, but due to the volume of submissions this time around, might be deferred to the fall. Either would be fine with me, but if I had my druthers, I'd prefer that they defer it.

That would make four consecutive issues that my work will appear in 'Voices', the first being "Baggage", winning third in Flash Fiction in LWWG's Write On The Lake Contest, the second being "The Mathematics of Fate" and "Heading Home" in the 2012 Fall Issue, third will be "The Icon" in the Spring Issue, and either "Incomplete" will be included with that, or it will come out later in the Fall.

I think I'll stick around with these guys, they seem to like my stuff. Can't wait for their editor, Maurice, to catch up on the backlog, so I can start pestering him with more material (oh yes, there's much more where this came from)!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

'The Icon' Confirmed

I just received an email from Maurice, editor of the journal, 'Voices'. With just a few small revisions, 'The Icon' has been confirmed for the Spring issue.

I'm very proud of this one, as 'The Icon' is one of the oldest stories in my collection, written in 1993, long before I started to take writing seriously.

Amazon Page

I now have a page on Amazon, in Author Central. You'll notice that these posts are transferred to there as well.