Wednesday, 23 January 2013

"Baggage" - Second Time Published...Maybe?

I've just received an email from - a US online magazine - informing me that my short-short story "Baggage" has been accepted for their second issue, coming out in the end of April of this year.

 There might be a problem, though.

When I had submitted "Baggage" it was based on information garnered under this link, more, which makes no mention about material having been previously published, but I noticed this morning, on their website, that it does. Consequently I apprised them of the situation and await their reply.

 It would be sweet if they decide to go ahead, as this would be the first time my work will appear in a US magazine. Sort of a breakthrough, I guess (and those are always exciting), but as much as I want that, I don't want it to be under false pretences.

Stay tuned...

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