Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Adventures of Charlie Smithers - A Review - "This book made me eager for the next episode of Charlie Smithers"

Thant's what I like to hear. Thanks Bee.

on January 22, 2016
This book by CW Lovatt is a true masterpiece! Following Charlie Smithers as he braves the Massai warriors after being seperated from Lord Brampton, a bumbling idiot and poor shot to boot, but manages to find the love of his life in the beautiful Loyian. Their love is beautiful and they have a child. For once Charlie feels his life is complete. Until the day it is lost forever.

A truly wonderful book that makes it difficult to put down and has you laughing, gasping and crying.

If you want a fantastic book to read "The Adventures of Charlie Smithers" won't steer you wrong.
 You can purchase your own copy of The Adventures of Charlie Smithers here.


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