Thursday, 8 November 2012

Charlie Smithers - Soooo Close Now

I just sent back the manuscript for Charlie Smithers - my sister, Betty, more or less told me to grow a pair, and just do it. Man, my palms are sweating, because I think that might be it. I'll have to live with any mistakes or imperfections that I missed from hereon in (Yikes!) but I couldn't hold onto it any longer, because I'd just keep tinkering with it until I ruined the damn thing.

I also sent Wild Wolf a list of acknowledgements I wanted to make, and the latest evolution of the blurb for the back cover. That one's been tough, but we've been batting ideas back and forth across the ocean over the last few days, and I think we're getting close.

Last of all, this is the photograph for the inside of the back cover. Deb, Amber and I thought this one would work best. Sam agrees. The good news is that it didn't break the camera.

Also on a good note, I never realized how much I look like my brother Lloyd.

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