Friday, 9 November 2012

Charlie Smithers - Narrowing it Down to a Date

This just in from Sam at Wild Wolf this morning:

"Hi, Chuck,

Thank you.  We'll separate the epilogue and crop and convert the photo to black and white then have one final read through.  Then it will be ready to upload to Amazon and should go live by Monday morning.  The blurb is sounding a lot punchier - we'll go through that again to see if we can refine it any further too.

Then it will be full steam ahead with promotion.  Paul in the PR team is coordinating all that.  If you have any contacts that would like a press release or a review copy just let him know.

Kind regards,


Monday. Wow. That's a lot faster than I thought!

When it's finally finished to satisfaction, I'll be posting the blurb. See if it catches your fancy.

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