Friday, 2 November 2012

Charlie Smithers - Cover #3

I'm playing hooky today - just couldn't wait to get at the manuscript. It's all printed off now (I came perishingly close to running out of ink) and waiting. I'd already completed going over the first chapter and found very little to correct, when an email arrived from Sam at Wild Wolf replying to an earlier query that I had regarding how far along we were with regard to the editing:

"Hi, Chuck,

I've spoken to the editor and he has only needed to make some minor changes to it - things like precomposed/spaced ellipses, en/em dashes, spacing and some punctuation, so well done on a very tight manuscript.

I have also attached the final proof for the cover with your suggested changes, so once we get your final amendments for the manuscript back (if any) then we're ready to proceed.

Kind regards,


I believe that I have a pretty good idea what spacing and punctuation are, but 'precomposed/spaced ellipses'??? 'En/em  dashes'??? Yikes!

Now, without further ado, the latest edition for the cover. As before, I'm including the previous two so those who are interested can more easily follow the transformation.

Now I'd better get back to work.


  1. Cover looks great Chuck. It's all coming together for you!

  2. Thanks Jodi. I think it looks great, too. This will probably be the one.