Saturday, 6 August 2016

"The Adventures of Charlie Smithers" - A Review - "A Triumph of a Book!"

Thank you d.arcadian!

A totally wonderful rip roaring adventure yarn, with a wonderfully funny larger than life hero (or is Charlie an anti hero??) An exciting page turner of tale that brings to mind the adventure books we read as kids....yet with adult twists...
"And may you have much jigga-jiggling in the making of your sons," she continued.
"Oh think nothing of...pardon?"
"And may your toes curl often in ecstasy."
"Now see here!"
"And may your balls be filled with much.."
"Silence!" I hissed, too scandalised for any other words.
The book is made gloriously authentic to it's era by being totally lacking in political correctness, which makes refreshing change and it delightfully pokes fun at stereotypical English people of the era.
A triumph of a book. I would recommend it to anyone who loves an adventure (and who doesn't!)



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