Friday, 12 August 2016

"And Then It Rained" A Review - "A Page Turning Variety"

I first met Karen a number of years ago when I was a guest on her podcast, "Writers Roundtable." Since then she's become one of my more loyal readers, and a good friend besides. Thanks Karen, very much appreciated.

on August 11, 2016
They say variety is the spice of life! That adage could not be any truer for this collection of short stories by a guy more known for his historic fiction novels. I highly recommend that you keep a box of tissue handy for stories like the TIN WHISTLE along with HIGHWAY DRIVING. However, you will chuckle during SEANS DILEMMA and DRAFTING THE DODGE.
At the turning of each page I marveled at the vast difference of each story from the next. I sincerely hope Mr. Lovatt writes more stories like the ones in this collection.
5 star reading for sure.

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