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"And Then It Rained" - A Review - "A Lovely Collection of Short Stories"

It's very humbling when a reviewer takes the time to comment on each and every story. Truly far above and beyond what anyone has a right to ask for. Thanks very much, Monique!

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Sean's Lament

Poor delusional Sean,he had high hopes for the girl of his dreams, only to be bludgeoned with reality. A down on his luck student with two jobs,can barely make ends meat,as a matter of fact,he spends his measly pittance on chocolate bars instead of meat.Suddenly all of that changes and trust me when I tell you, the spots he finds himself in are priceless. Oh ,how I laughed!!! You might think that's a horrible thing to say when clearly ,Sean had a massively tough time of it. Well I'm sorry,but the way C.W. Lovatt has with words just tickles me pink.This author has a way of forcing a belly laugh right out of you.I've laughed so hard I can barely see straight,but I must clear my vision because there are more short stories in this delectable book to read.

Tin Whistle

This story was about losing a loved one and the impossibility of moving on.The heart has a hard time letting go. A sad but lovely tale.

Fear Of Flying
I love this story,it shows that anything is possible if you but try.

Highway Driving
What should have been a happy occasion ended up being a pointless tragedy.

Angus Breaks Free
Crotchety old Angus thought he was done with his wife of 50 years. She, according to him, was the bane of his existence. Turns out,you'll have to read this awesome short to find out. A gem of a tale,this is.

Dealing with loss is something we all have to learn to do,sooner or later,and I think this story shows that we must still go on,because that is what our lost loved one would want.

A glimpse into the life of an author. Most people think that authors sit at their desks all day,writing til their hearts content.But the truth is,most authors have day jobs to earn ends meat,that however does not mean the stories are kept at bay,to the contrary,they do battle inside the authors head,begging to be let out.This is a very eye opening tale.

Drafting the Dodge
Two escaped convicts deciding that Canada is the best place for them,being that the people are so nice,the entire country is ripe for the picking. This was so funny,one mishap after another made me constantly,laugh out loud.

And Then It Rained
A typical day turns tragic,a sad story. It's true when they say, "When it rains it pours".

Sometimes love breeds desperation and man oh man ,the consequences were brutal.

The Thing About Pantyhose
The logic of children is something to behold. I must admit,this story got a giggle out of me.

The Mathematics of Fate
We all have to learn not to jump to conclusions,because often,things are not as they appear to be.

A cheeky little tale about the differences between,males and females. And I must say,I have to agree with the statements.

Roll of Honour
War is never pretty,and the brave men and women who fight for their country do it for many reasons.Staring out,it's for glory and quickly becomes for the honour of protecting those they hold dear. They are true heroes. A touching tale.

Strange Love
How this couple reacts to the end of the world is,hilarious!!!

A Word
I loved this!!! The alphabet is a wonderful thing,without it,gloriously beautiful words could not be formed.

All in all,I loved every single story in this collection. They are all uniquely different and each left a mark on my heart.I invite you all to read these short stories,you will be left with a feeling of fullness in your heart. Thank you,C.W. Lovatt.
I shall cherish these always.

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