Tuesday, 11 April 2017

"Josiah Stubb: Interim" - A Week At 'The Review'

With the release date for "Interim" drawing nearer (April 14), Diana Milne is seriously spoiling me over at The Review, with a week's worth of posts, starting with the re-posting of Rob Bayliss's excellent review of the first book of the trilogy, "The Siege of Louisbourg." Heartfelt thanks go out to Diana and the wonderful people at The Review for their help in getting the word out.

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Celebrating the release of the second book in C W Lovatt's outstanding Josiah Stubb trilogy on 14th April!
Congratulation Mr Lovatt!!
So that the readers can get the feel for the series and the characters, here is Rob Bayliss's excellent review of the first book.

To read Rob's review of "Josiah Stubb: The Siege of Louisbourg," click here! 

 To pre-order "Josiah Stubb: Interim," click here.



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