Sunday, 2 April 2017

"Charlie Smithers: Adventures in India" - A Review - "A Great Followup..."

With another book coming out in a few short weeks, my focus always tends to be on that one, like a child that has grown until it's ready to go out and take its place in the world. So yes, I do tend to fuss over those ones quite a bit more than the others. In that light, it's always a delight when one of my more established books is discovered by a new reader, and they are kind enough to write a review.

Thank  you Sandra, you've quite made my day.

on April 1, 2017
Once again, C W Lovatt does not dissapoint with this second installement of the Charlie Smithers series. It is as much an action-adventure book as it is a recount of historical events that happened and were recorded in history. I always had a hard time to put one of C W Lovatt's books down and this one was no exception. As much as the subject matter of this book was complex, as much it was written in a way that I was able to understand it all and have a jolly old time while reading it. I also had a fond affection for some of the characters of the book and I do wish them well as they parted towards the end of the story. Still, remembering the feelings the first book of the series left a lasting imprint in me that will never go away, I felt that this book was an excellent followup to the first one. The powerful message and emotions from book one are well felt in book two and I do hope that they are and will continue to be throughout the whole series. A great work by C W Lovatt indeed.



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