Friday, 14 April 2017

"Josiah Stubb: Interim" - Now Released!

"Interim," the second book of the Josiah Stubb trilogy, is now released. Not only that, it has its first review! Thanks very much, Monique.

5.0 out of 5 stars I Found Josiah Stubb Very Endearing April 14 2017
By Monique Lomino - Published on
Josiah Stubb is a character that I found very endearing. He's far from perfect,as a matter of fact,most would not have succeeded in bettering themselves after having lived through his horrendous upbringing. This story picks up where "The Siege of Louisbourg" left off.
Reading this book,I felt as if I was living the story along with the characters. On many occasions I found myself holding my breath while my heart beat erratically. You are transported to 1758 Canada,where the English are at war with the French,the English trying to take over Canada . Not only was reading this book exciting,it gives you a history lesson,one that I was fascinated to learn. The first book in the series is a spectacular read,so it is of no surprise that this carries on the tradition. C W Lovatt puts enough information about the first book into this one ,to allow you to understand the backstory if you choose to read it out of sequence.This tale is so very fascinating,with colorful characters,witty dialogue and the very best historical storyline I've read in ages.
This is an outstanding book and I highly recommend it,and for those of you who haven't read the first book,I beseech you to read Josiah's first book " The Siege of Louisbourg".

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