Wednesday, 26 September 2012

"Roll of Honour" Still Going Strong

Last weekend I was contacted by Jean Parsons, the judge who earlier this year had awarded Roll of Honour first place in the Lest We Forget category of the Canadian Stories Contest. She was writing to inform me that her brother, John Scot (an editor of Flight Plan - a newsletter for the Aircrew Association of Ontario) had read my story and wished to publish it also. Seeing as how this association is made up of veterans of WWII, I thought that Flight Plan was the perfect niche. As of today, the story has been formally accepted.

This is quite an honour. Usually when a short story has been published, it's put on a shelf, no longer of any use in the contest circuit, but in this case my very genre-specific story will finally find the very specific audience that it was written for. I find that to be intensely gratifying.


  1. Well done Chuck! It's been a great year for you.

  2. Thanks Jodi. This must be like how surfers feel when they catch a wave.