Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Okay, NOW It's Official

Contract's signed and sent off. It's crazy how hugely relieved that makes me feel.

Much of yesterday was spent trying to answer a rather lengthy list of things Sam sent for me to consider: dedication and acknowledgements (that one was easy, you know who you are), a photograph of myself (seeing as how I look rather moth-eaten these days, I voted to defer), a blurb for the back cover (no idea: I can write a novel - no problem - but don't ask me to explain it), artwork for the front cover (again, no idea. I think a lot depends on what Paul, the PR man, has to say [an aside: Good lord! I actually have a PR guy! - end of aside]), author's biography (I voted to keep it simple and short).

I'm fairly sure that I've forgotten some things, but I wanted to give an indication of what these initial days are like - pure bliss, actually - but I'm sure that my skin will need to thicken considerably, when Wild Wolf's editor gets his/her talons on the manuscript...

[another aside: I'm quite sure that the editor will ultimately be revealed to be a very nice person...as I'm equally sure that, regardless of what I feel, he/she will have long, razor-sharp, talons instead of fingers].

Stay tuned....

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