Saturday, 25 March 2017

"Josiah Stubb" - A Review - "This Book Will Stick With Me Forever!!!"

Thanks Monique!

on 8 March 2017
Josiah,Stubb,Josiah Stubb,Josiah Stubb,over and over,that name echoed in my head ever since I opened a book with the title "JOSIAH STUBB
THE SIEGE OF LOUISBOURG". I didn't read this book ,I absorbed every single page into my soul. There are books that stick with you throughout your life and this is such a book. This book has been on my tbr (to be read) list for ages,so when I finally had the opportunity to delve into it,I was blown away.The story of Josiah Stubb is a complicated,but compelling one,born in the gutter but also born with a need to better himself,no matter the cost. His ability to move forward despite all obstacles is commendable. Most would go through life bitter and vengeful because of the trials he had to endure ,but not dear Josiah,he trudged on,hoping that maybe one day his luck would turn. I came away wishing for happiness to finally find him and hold him in it's embrace forevermore.Rich with historical facts,it gives you insight into what life was like in those days,it also gives you a front row seat to view,up close and personal,what war was really like,no romance here folks,war is hell and it is evident in this tale.
At this point,I must warn readers. Beware,this book is highly addictive. An absolutely splendid read ,put forth by the exceptional author C W Lovatt. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!!!

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