Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Reading in Hartney, Manitoba - As Pleasant as It Gets

Yesterday's reading in Hartney was about as pleasant an experience as it gets. It was quite well attended  - far more than I would have expected in such a small town. They went out of their way to get the word out, too. This is what I saw when I drove into town. Needless to say my ego and I were tickled pink!

The following is a pictorial run through the evening.

 I was able to harangue some of my family to attend. This is me (Chuck) and my brother-in-law (also Chuck)

 There were quotes like this all over the library. I'm referring, of course to this one by Stephen King, not the Exit sign.

 The actual reading (which I thought went very well) lasted for about forty-five minutes, long enough for a good-sized sample from three different books.

 Of course after the reading, there was time to mingle, and sign books.

This is Linda Philips, chair of the library committee, and the lady responsible for organizing the event. Great job, Linda, many thanks!

This soft-spoken man was really quite interesting. He used to work in the Hudson Bay Company's museum in Winnipeg, but he wanted somewhere quiet to work on his art. Boy, I can relate! He also bought four of my books, so that almost elevates him to best friend status!

This is my sister, Barb. When signing books for my family, I have to remember to write 'Charlie' instead of my pen name.

Signing the guest book. About two dozen had signed before me.

Still signing books when I got home. These ones were for my brother, Joel. He likes to get copies for himself and his kids, Sarah, Laura, and Michael, shortly after one of my novels is released.

So that's it. I had a blast, but I was also pretty tired once the adrenaline wore away. Think I'll turn in early tonight. Later, folks...


  1. Looks like a hoot, Chuck, well done.

  2. sounds like a great night Chuck congrats!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks very much, Louise! It was great fun, and had me going around to other local libraries a few days later, dropping broad hints that I enjoyed giving readings. :D