Thursday, 9 June 2016

Pirate Sites - I Can't Think Of Anything I Hate More

There have been a few very good posts on the internet lately, covering the topic of pirate sites. To a writer, who is the victim of these sites, there are few things more loathsome, and they're getting worse. I found my latest release, "And Then It Rained," uploaded on one of these sites ten days before it came out on Amazon!
In both stories there is made mention of sadly deluded people who think that writers can afford to be pillaged like this. We can't. Most writers, including this one, work full time jobs to pay the bills. We squeeze time in for our stories after hours and on weekends, sharing the same time that is needed for marketing (which has a voracious appetite, time-wise.) The point I'm trying to make is that we make substantial sacrifices to get our work out there, so I'll leave you to imagine how I feel about someone who steals my work.

Here is the link to one of the stories:

And here is the other:

If you are numbered among the far too many people who frequent these places, and think that you are entitled to steal a writers hard earned income, I strongly suggest that you read them.

Getting back to "And Then It Rained," here is the link where you can PURCHASE the book:


  1. stealing our books and a source of income

  2. More and more people feel that they're entitled to do just that.