Monday, 24 November 2014

Voices - Photos From The Launch

The following are images from the launch of Volume #14 Issue #2 of the literary journal, "Voices," on Friday.

 This is the display of Volume #14, Issue #2 of Voices. It really is quite beautiful, as most of the covers are, and are provided by local artists.
 At the top, Voices' editor, Maurice Guimond, starts things off. Next is yours truly leading off the readings with an excerpt from my contribution, "Incomplete."
More of me as Amber experiments with the zoom.

 Afterward, these are all the contributors who did readings. A relatively small number, as the Spring issue usually includes all those who placed in their Write On the Lake Competition, the Fall issues are invariably much smaller.
Maurice and I. Maybe you can tell that I was already haranguing him about my submission for the next issue. But then, we writers really are a shameless lot, aren't we?

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