Sunday, 16 November 2014

Josiah Stubb NEEDS Your Help!!!! - 2014 Authorsdb Book Cover Contest

Some of you might remember my haranguing you to vote for Josiah Stubb for the 2014 authorsdb book cover contest, in the Action Adventure category. You'll be pleased to know that he's made it to the semi-finals. Now they've given me ONE WEEK (yikes!) to garnish enough votes to get him to the finals, so I have to put my haranguing hat on again.

Same procedure as before: Please follow the link, scroll down until you see the five stars, and click on the fifth one.

Please, share this with your friends, the guy behind the counter at your local convenience store, your member of parliament (where applicable,) the person next to you at a red light on an intersection, the policeman that's writing you a ticket for holding up traffic, and anyone else you can think of. It would be very much me. They, on the other hand, might have a different POV, but still...

One other thing: comments are appreciated, too. You have to sign in for that, but it takes, like, a nano-second, and it helps keep the book at the top of the list, and easier to spot for the idle scroller.

Thanks very much!

I've already mentioned the part about my being included on the cover, haven't I? I just think that's so cool!

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