Monday, 22 September 2014

Josiah Stubb - This One's a Cracker!

There comes a time in every one of my novels when I can see, with a fair amount of unease, where the story is going, where, in fact, it has to go, because to tell it in any other way wouldn't be true to the story, the characters, or, indeed, myself. It's often difficult, perhaps even unsavory, but if you're ever going to consider yourself to be a serious writer, that's when you put your head down, and keep at it, writing each and every scene to the utmost of your ability, because, in my opinion, that's what writers do - you don't avoid what may be controversial, you tackle it head-on, no matter the cost. 

In this review from Australia, for Josiah Stubb, Sondra had the prescience to see that, for which I am sincerely grateful.

5.0 out of 5 stars Exceptionally brilliant and controversial. 22 September 2014
By Sondra
Format:Kindle Edition
Exceptionally brilliant and controversial. A lesson in history and a lesson in life. History often speaks of the glories of war, in this tale, it is the Battle in Louisbourg in 1758.
But the glory of war is a fallacy. War, is a cold hard bitch upon which a young foolhardy youth may ride to an early and bloody demise.
History often writes about the basic fundamental flaws of man and usually, a modern day writer, would steer clear of such controversial subjects. Bravely, C W Lovatt (holding true to himself as a writer) has ignored the taboos and dared to write about these unspoken, confronting realities and broken the chains that tie the hands of so many of our literary giants. Ignoring political correctness (thank you), C W Lovatt has dared delve into the dark recesses of human existence and the most basic of human desires - sex. He has created a story that is both educational and erotic.
I found myself deeply moved by this tale. It is a must read about a man whore who seeks a better life, respect and love. There is no deeper nor more poignant tale.
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