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Another Terrific Review of "Josiah Stubb"

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on September 3, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
The Good: While this isn't my usual genre, I enjoy a good Historical every now and then, and this one encompasses so many other aspects that it's hard to NOT enjoy it. What I like most is that my first impression was that it was going to be a book based solely on the battles and preparing for them - not so. This is ultimately a personal story of Josiah Stubb, a young man who has a terrible start in life, and works his way up along his lifetime. Lovatt's writing excels in this regard, because we're drawn along with the strength of Josiah's decisions, rather than his regrets and self-pity, because this is a journey of discovery, and in the end, hope. The other favourite part of mine was the incredible detailing and research that has gone into the novel. I felt as though I could really see the history unfolding before my eyes, but again, it's written with such skill that you feel as though you are enjoying a historical drama, rather than a textbook. The characters, the main character especially, are very real and multi-dimensional, and I felt my heartstrings tugged with every downfall that happened.

The Bad: There isn't really anything - nothing that I would count as bad, anyway. Something that perhaps ought to be mentioned for more squeamish readers is that there is incest from one character (BUT, it is integral to the story, and makes sense as you read the book), and the battles are very real and bloody. I personally didn't have an issue with these being part of the story, as I felt one added to the story, and the other was necessary as part of the story. But I only mention it for readers who may find it uncomfortable to read a story with these elements.

Overall: This is more than a good historical romp, this is the life of a hero that you find yourself turning the pages for, and cheering for. I feel perhaps the main female character could have been a little stronger in her decisions and opinions, but this is my opinion rather than a review of her character, and she didn't seem out of place with the historical setting. The battles were thrilling to read, and the storyline was carefully and thoughtfully researched and applied. I'd recommend this book to any reader who enjoys a historical that combines drama and action, the lives of its characters, and reproduces the hardships and problems of the era.

*I was given a copy of this book from the author for an honest review
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