Saturday, 8 March 2014

"Angel" - So Here's Me Blushing!

In 2012 Jean Parsons picked my story, "Roll of Honour," to win first place in the Canadian Stories "Lest We Forget" category, the first time any of my stories had ever won a competition. Naturally my gratitude knew no bounds, and I contacted her to tell her so. I discovered that she was a dear old thing, and ever since we continue to correspond. Even though we've never set eyes on one another, a warm friendship has blossomed, the kind that comes along only rarely in a lifetime. Without fail, amongst all of the personal news, in every letter I receive, she continues to demand the latest about my writing, professing to be keenly interested. Therefore, when I was told that my story, "Angel," had taken first in fiction in the Lake Winnipeg Writers' Group competition, "Write On The Lake," Jean was one of the first people I told, and knowing that she would want to read it, took the liberty of attaching it to the email.

This is what I received from her this morning:

"Good Morning Chuck

I have read the story "Angel" about three times now and each time I find something new to contemplate.  You write with such depth and compassion.  I see more and more why you should consider yourself A WRITER--perhaps moving towards becoming a GREAT WRITER.

All I can say is, "KEEP AT IT."



Granted, she's biased, but god I love that woman!

PS: I'll be publishing "Angel" on this site sometime in May, after the spring issue of "Voices" has been released.


  1. Can't wait and Jean sounds divine!

  2. Thank you! And yes, Jean's a real jewel. :)