Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Coming Out in FreeFall

This just came in last night. However it gets there, getting published in FreeFall - arguably one of the more prestigious literary magazines in the country - is no small accomplishment. It definitely puts weight in a resume.

"Dear Chuck Lovatt, 

While "Angus Breaks Free" wasn't one of Patrick Lane's winners, this year, we feel that the work is delightful, and memorable. We would be pleased to publish it at the regular page rate, and have it reach our readership. We felt that your characters were true and well developed. 

Let us know if this is acceptable to you, and if so we will send a contract. Please also include a short bio. We would be pleased to include you in the pages of the magazine. 

Thank you for sending us your fine writing, 
Micheline Maylor 
Editor "

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