Saturday, 11 August 2012

Coming in the Spring/Summer Issue

In total, I had submitted four stories to Voices, and was quite happy to have two ("Heading Home" and "The Mathematics of Fate") accepted for the Fall edition. After all, that's 50%, which is quite decent any way you care to look at it. But then I received this email from Maurice just the other day.

"Dear Chuck:

A small heads-up:  I'm trying to squeeze some late arrivals in, so I probably won't be able to put all your submissions into the next edition.  Our page count is adding up quickly.  If you like, I'll keep the extras on file and put them into the Spring/Summer edition.  


I wrote back agreeing to take those stories ("Incomplete" and "The Icon") out of circulation if he was serious about including them in the Spring/Summer issue. He responded by saying that he was serious, but that it wasn't necessary to take them out of circulation, but to notify him if they were ever accepted elsewhere, in order to avoid copyright infringement.

Really, you can't ask for anything better than that - two stories already guaranteed for 2013, with an option to submit elsewhere in the meantime. 

So, all-in-all, I think things turned out rather well.

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