Saturday, 30 June 2018

The Little Mouse - A Dedication

For the longest time Helen's granddaughters, Evie and Iris, had been asking to read some of my work. This prompted me to dig into my collection of stories to find something that was suitable, and I came up with "The Little Mouse." In turn, the interest that this generated on social media was so overwhelming that it prompted me to look into getting it published, and the rest is history. It seemed only natural to show my gratitude by dedicating the book to these fine young ladies, because it was they who had got the ball rolling in the first place. Yesterday, when the paperback was released, Evie's nan showed her the dedication page. Apparently she was pleased because, using Helen's Facebook account, she sent me a photo, and this endearing message:

"This is Evie typing! i love the book and i love my name being in the book and now I'm famous!!!!!"


 Moments like this don't come along every day, but when they do they make it all worthwhile. You could ask Evie I suppose, but, what with her new found fame and all, I'm afraid you'll have to call and make an appointment. ;)

Click here to purchase your own copy of "The Little Mouse."


"From the creator of Charlie Smithers comes an endearing story, reminiscent of fairy tale classics of yesteryear. Filled with enchantment and meaning, this charming tale appeals to young and old alike, portraying how even the least among us can change the world."


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