Friday, 23 September 2016

Josiah Stubb - A Review - Superb!

With the second book of the Josiah Stubb trilogy well under way (look for its release, hopefully early in 2017) it's extremely gratifying that the first book is still doing so well.

Thank you Helen!

on 15 September 2016
If you are a lover of historical fiction, or if like me you've never read this genre before, then this really is the book for you. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Packed full of historical fact and absolutely crammed full of truly believable characters I have to say I am very much looking forward to the next book. I think I have felt every emotion going through this amazing story, but what I felt most of all was the sympathetic way in which Chuck described the lives of some of the less fortunate in the tale, with Josiah's mum being a prime example. I also roared with laughter at some bits and welled up at others. I don't want to say too much about what happens in the book as the description given on Amazon is ample enough. I would happily read this book again. It would also make a superb film. Where is Peter Weir? Must give him the nod on this Josiah chap ! Maybe Josiah Stubb could be the new 'Sharpe' ? Just a thought.


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  2. I only started it a couple of nights ago but I'm finding it totally engrossing. From page one I was hooked and my danger us going to be loving it so much, I read too fast and 'waste' it.
    Longing to have time later to read!!

  3. Thank you, that's so lovely to hear! Here's hoping you get the time to enjoy the book to its fullest. :)