Thursday, 14 January 2016

Adventures Downunder - "An Amazing Storyteller!" - A Review

Thanks Jerry.

on January 14, 2016
C. W. Lovatt has turned himself into an amazing story teller while hitting a 'Home Run' with Advetures Downunder, the third Charlie Smithers novel. He takes you an a magical ride that somewhat turns into a romance with Mattie, the Gruff Australian girl that saves Charlies life more then once. She takes Lord Bramptons place in this story after he mistakes Charlie for a shark. You see, they were attacked by Pirates and Charlie went overboard and does get shot while fighting off the sharks. Charlie washed up on the Australian shore line and found by Mattie. And the story goes on! You need to read it for yourself. Well done, 5 STAR READ!!!
You can purchase your own copy of "Charlie Smithers: Adventures Downunder" here.

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