Thursday, 27 August 2015

Charlie Smithers: Adventures Downunder - Blurb

I think that it's time to share the blurb for the next book in the Charlie Smithers Collection, "Adventures Downunder," scheduled to be released in the Fall.
Flashman never experienced anything like this, not even remotely!
Whether it’s because of his gift of the ‘sight,’ inherited from his dour old Hebridean mother, or simply a sorely battered noggin (a result of his master’s appalling aim) the Australias hold one of Charlie Smithers’ most intriguing adventures to date.
Pirates, great white sharks, mermaids, scorching deserts, cannibals and a small army of sadistic bushrangers are only part of the story. A mysterious gunslinging sheila with emerald green eyes, and a shocking vocabulary, is another adventure all on its own.
And throughout the tale there is the innocuous message from the ghost of Charlie’s beloved: “You must learn to forgive…”


  1. Sounds so exciting!!!!

    1. Cheers, Viv. I hope everyone else thinks so, too! :)