Monday, 4 May 2015

Voices 15 - 1 - Photo Journey

Another launch has come and gone, and another reading to go with it. The Spring issue is usually well attended, because that issue is usually chock full of stories and poems of those who placed in the Write on the Lake Contest, and this year was no exception.

 Here the readers are gathering for a little pep talk just prior to the proceedings.
 And here is Voices excellent editor, Maurice Guimond, starting everything off. Actually, he's in the process of introducing yours truly.
This, and the following, are of that all important fellow - myself. I always like to include a few photos of me looking up, just to prove that I didn't have my face buried in my papers all the way through.

 Here I'm doing this thing with my hands, because one of my characters is Italian...and everyone knows that Italians always do 'this thing' with their hands when they're speaking.
 Here we are, gathered for a photo after the readings are finished. Maybe it's just me, but I think we look a lot more relaxed than we did before the launch began.
 Me with a copy of Voices 15-1. As usual, it's quite handsomely packaged. Something that I didn't realize until just before the launch was that I have two stories in this issue - of course my winning entry in Write on the Lake, "Fear of Flying," and a regular submission, "Diary of a Long Weekend."
A nice lady asked me to sign her copy.

You can purchase your copy of Voices here:


  1. Love the shot of you doing your thing with your hands. Enjoyed your reading the other day. Hope you'll be able to post one of them here.

  2. Thanks Joan. I think I'm becoming quite accomplished. First an English lord, and now an Italian restauranteur. Perhaps next I'll polish up on an Irish brogue, but I'm not anywhere close to trying to tackle Jamaican. ;)

  3. I found you just fine from your post on the Sunshine Book Club page. Love the pics! Congrats on your win and acceptance of your other story. And what lake do you refer to in the title? We live near Lake MIchigan.

    1. Aha I see it is Lake Winnipeg now.

    2. HA! HA! That one had me stumped for a little while (I just woke up) until I remembered that it's The Lake Winnipeg Writers' Group that hosts the Write on the Lake contest! Thank you for taking the time to pay us a visit! :)