Saturday, 28 June 2014

Just A Bit Of Idle Boasting

No doubt, when you see the photo, you will all agree that my talents lie elsewhere. Sorry for the poor quality, but it's the best I could do. Also, please ignore the disarray in my office. Believe me, it looks much better now than it did five minutes earlier. Just ignore the pegboard, and concentrate on what's above it.

It's been a while since I so indulged myself, so I thought that there was no time like the present to showoff my literary accomplishments. I'd like to thank my friend, Alison Cope Eamon, for suggesting that I use picture frames. She was right, of course, it does look much better.

Starting on the left, with the posters, we have the cover of "Wild Wolf's Twisted Tails," followed by "The Adventures of Charlie Smithers," and "Josiah Stubb." Then, with the certificates, there's my 1st place in Creative Non-Fiction in Canadian Stories for "The Thing About Pantyhose;" 3rd place for Flash Fiction in the Write of the Lake Contest for "Baggage;" this year's First in Fiction (Write on the Lake) for "Angel;" also for Write on the Lake, last year's First in Fiction for "And Then It Rained;" and finally "Roll of Honour," 1st in the Lest We Forget category for Canadian Stories.

They're nice to have around on those days when the going is rough.


  1. this is the 'trophy cabinet', marvellous!

    1. Yes. These are the ones where I've something to show for it. Many others don't give certificates.