Saturday, 31 May 2014

Last Sunday's Reading - A Pictoral History

The following are photos taken from last Sunday's launch of the literary journal, "Voices," at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg. Included are some of me giving my reading of my First in Fiction story, "Angel."

"Voices" editor, Maurice Guimond was the Master of Ceremonies for the launch. Needless to say, he carried it off with his usual aplomb.

 You might be wondering about this one - about a photo showing the backs of people's heads, but I always think this is special. This is my nephew, Tim (ponytail,) with his friend, Rachel (who I met for the first time that day, and was immediately enamoured), and his daughter, Katie, in the middle. Tim hasn't missed a single one of my Voices readings, and I think that's pretty special. Katie has shown up for the last two, and, while it can't be all that exciting for her, she sits through it all as good as gold. You just gotta love that, don't you?

This is me. I'd just reached the lectern and discovered, to my surprise: 1) that the place was far more packed than what I'd thought, and 2) I saw my friend, Bob Jaques, in the back of the crowd (I'm just about to point him out.) He'd intended to surprise me. He did.

 You'll just have to take my word for it that, under all those whiskers, my lips are actually moving.

 This one's a bit grainy, but I thought that I would include it, you know, just to prove that I looked up every once in a while.

                                                 "Voices" - Volume 14, Number 1

 Here's the gang, left to right: my sister, Betty (who also has never missed one of my Voices readings,) me, Rachel, Katie, Betty's husband, Ken (perfect attendance for him, too,) and Tim.

Last, here's my friend, Bob Jaques, and me, signing his copy of Voices. I haven't yet got over my surprise whenever anyone asks that of me.

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