Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A Much Belated Happy New Year

I hope you'll forgive me for posting this so late. I'm blaming my iPhone because it wouldn't let me send photos to my computer. Glaring at it didn't seem to help either (thus exhausting my knowledge of techno-wizardry), but it's all sorted out now.

It's been another incredible year: received my first ever royalty, The Adventures of Charlie Smithers has made appearances as a best seller on Amazon in various categories in Canada, the UK, and the US, and nine (count'em NINE) short stories published, including two in Wild Wolf's Twisted Tails, AND TWO THAT WON AWARDS!!!

Not too shabby at all.

I wanted to send you this photo as a sort of 'from my house to yours'...except that it isn't my house at all, but Amber's (hers was cleaner). We're all having a great time, seated around the table at our traditional New Years Eve fondu. Starting at the bottom left is Amber; her son-in-law, John; her oldest daughter, Sue; her youngest, Deb; and her son Jeff. This was even more special in that Deb and her daughter, Kate, made the trip up from Casper Wyoming (we really missed you, Dan), and Sue and John came all the way over from Stockholm, Sweden. These guys are the best folks you'd ever want to meet - lots of laughter and great conversation. I feel privileged that they've taken me under their wing.

If you were wondering, I was the one holding the camera for a change.

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