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I Found This To Be Deeply Gratifying

This is from the blog of someone who has grown from 'friend' to a dear friend over the past few weeks, who is, I might add, no slouch as a writer himself. I'll post the link, but I seem to be having trouble getting links to go live here lately. So I'm afraid you'll have to cut and paste in in your search window, or read what I've copied and pasted below. I'm deeply gratified, Alec. Sorry about your sandwich.

My favourite books.

Since I have been dabbling with the world of writing, trying to create humorous books with an underlying serious message, I have come across a great many independent authors who write with great aplomb and in their own individual style. On this page I would like to feature some of my own personal favourites.

A book I read quite recently had me so totally gripped that having made my breakfast - a sausage sandwich - I was so engrossed in the story that when I finally got around to eating the sandwich the sausage had set firm and cold, and the bread was beginning to turn up at the edges.

Product Details

The Adventures of Charlie Smithers, written by Chuck Lovatt.

This is, without any shadow of a doubt, the most engaging book I have ever had the pleasure to read. It is historical fiction, but could so easily be true. The author takes us all the way back to 1854, a time of Empire and adventure., of discovery and courage. The British Empire has been repackaged by our modern world as The Commonwealth, but I personally think we should never ignore the fact that - although many brutal acts were carried out in the name of Empire - much good was also done by globe trotting explorers with an appetite for adventure and a desire for discovery and enlightenment.

Mr. Lovatt has done his research very well indeed, and right from the early passages in this story I was hooked. The action - of which there is much - is very well mixed with many tender and quieter moments, for this is a magnificent story of adventure and also a deeply moving love story. I was actually moved to tears as the story nears it's end, such was the connection I felt for the characters. Chuck draws in the readers with his brilliant writing, and then carries them along through many ups and downs. A truly magnificent read that I would heartily recommend to all.

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