Monday, 1 July 2013

Twisted Tails Reviews

See? Don't blame me! I'm getting pressure, too! So how about it; be a sport and help a fellow out, okay?

And you won't forget this part, either, will you? 524230_10201017551306723_255111181_n.jpg


UK:Wild Wolf's Twisted Tails

I've noticed that not one single review has been posted in Canada, where Twisted Tails was #2 in Anthologies over the promo weekend, so we know that they're out there. So how about it? You got a book for free; a simple review is all we ask for in return.

Ed Wolf
Okay lovely Wolfites, we need to start getting reviews in for the anthology, so once people you know have finished reading it give them a nudge to post up a review ASAP.

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