Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Sale Promotion

For any of you from the UK, Wild Wolf is having a Winter Warmer Sale, with many of their Kindle titles (Charlie Smithers included [ahem!]) going for less than £1.00. Check it out:

Ed Wolf
Wild Wolf Publishing is having a Winter Warmer Sale! Many of our Kindle titles are reduced down to under £1! Grab lots of bargains and snuggle up in front of the fire with a good book...

If any of you have browsed through that list, and are wondering why Charlie is credited with having only one review (sigh!) it's because each Amazon company (.com; .uk or .ca) is a separate entity. Each review has to be entered separately with each company for it to show up at the top of the page (where it will be noticed by the casual browser). Reviews entered in .com do show up at the BOTTOM of the others' pages, but no credit is received for them (which sucks!) On the other hand, a review posted only in .ca or .uk doesn't show up anywhere else at all! What my opinion is of this state of affairs you may well guess. Reviews should belong to the book they're written for, not the company they appear on, but there you are. So if any of you who have written something for Charlie (or might be inclined to in the future) it would be nice if you would keep that in mind.

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Once again:



and .uk:

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