Friday, 22 June 2012

Just Had One of Those Moments

I ran into, Mrs. Tanguay, my high school typing teacher today. I thought that it was kinda cool, getting the chance to thank her for teaching me something that I've put to good use over the years...although not quite the way she taught, but at least my fingers start out in the right place before they all go their separate ways. I hope that she found the conversation as satisfying as I did, knowing that, at least in this one case, her efforts hadn't been in vain.

I wish I could have a similar accidental run-in with my English teacher, Mrs. Oberlin, and let her know that I write, but she's long since passed away. Maybe it's just as well. Odds are she just would've cracked me across the knuckles with a ruler, and demand to know why it took me so long.

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