Monday, 16 April 2012


As the title of this blog suggests, its purpose is to be a medium for my stories. At this time I will include only those that have been previously published, as posting on a blog is considered as "published" by some literary companies, and therefore disqualifies a work from any further competition. Further, I will also add comments on all, as well as personal observations and opinions about the craft of writing throughout. Why? Because it's my blog, that's why! Because, as anyone who knows me can tell you, I'm my own favourite subject, and even though I feel somewhat uncomfortable stepping out from behind the protective curtain of fiction to address that most compelling issue, I'm not about to let the opportunity slip away.

I will also mention that all the characters you are about to encounter herein (apart from myself) are entirely fictional. Which is to say, that any of you who have ever slighted me in the past need have no fear of having been least not here anyway. This is intended to be fun.

Now please, sit back, make yourself comfortable, and read on...

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